As a local family-farm, we sell you our beef frozen.  This gives you a great selection of beef,  You won’t believe how inexpensively you can get this Fresh Top Quality Beef.

How economical is it?

We’re currently selling our natural Limousin beef for per pound, cut weight.  And the more you buy, the lower the price gets!

Sample Pack – $50.00  – 5 lb of meat
In a sample pack you can choose, either a Package of Roast, Steaks or Ribs (approx 2.5-3.5lbs) and Either Hamburger, Kabob, Stewing beef to make it 5lbs

20 LB BOX  – $170.00 – just $8.50/lb!

In this box you will get a variety of Cuts—5-6lbs of Roasts, 5-6lbs of Steaks, 6-8lbs of hamburger & 2lbs stewing/kabob beef

40 LB Box – $320.00 – just $8.00/lb!
In this Box you will get a variety of Cuts 10-12lbs of Roasts, 12lbs of Steak, 14lbs of  hamburger & 2lbs of stewing/kabob beef

1/4, 1/2 & whole cows* – please call for pricing

Your side will come in individually wrapped cuts, you can specify the size of cuts you want! 2lb- 5lb roasts, 3/4” or 1”steak…just let us know!

Pork – only $6/lb!

All Cuts of pork  – Ribs, Chops, Ham Steaks, Sausage, Garlic Sausage, Ham

Bacon- $7.00/lb

Double Smoked Bacon $7.50/lb

Please Donate 5lbs of Meat to the local Food Bank – $40

Chicken & Turkey – just $3.99lb!
Free Range Whole Chicken: 6-8lbs
Free Range Turkey: 18-35lbs

Half Chickens $4.50/lb

Quarter Chickens Front -Breast with wing -bone on $5.50/lb

Quarter Chickens Back – Hind leg and thigh – bone on $5.00/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $8.50/lb

Boneless Skinless Leg meat $7.50//lb

Wings $5.00/lb

Ground Chicken $8.00/lb

Chicken Sausage (Gluten Free) $8.00/lb

Lamb and Goat are available Please ask for availability and Pricing

Farm Fresh Eggs (prices per dozen)
Lg White – $4.00

Lg Brown – $4.00

Flats are $9.00

***All Eggs are Free Run Omega 3***
We Deliver into Downtown Brampton Every other weekend

Mississauga Delivery alternating weekends!

Delivery into Oakville Once a month.

Please note Meat Pacs are as Close to a Pound as possible..Packages are either a bit over or a bit under a pound. Prices are Reflected as per pound NOT per Pack.